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 Pilates at Physiofusion is a welcoming, friendly and non-intimidating environment for all standards of participants.  

We offer a diverse range of pilates classes to suit all abilities and background experience. Our instructors are experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who have expertise in adapting exercises to suit an individual, and can offer versions of the more challenging exercises as "Level 1 and Level 2" so you can decide how you feel and which version you prefer to do.

We focus on different aspects of pilates during a term, to make use of the various pieces of pilates equipment eg resistance bands, fitness circles, gymballs etc, and you can find your favourite classes on our timetable. If there is a class you would like to see added or repeated, please let us kno

  • Back Pain Rehabilitation Class: 

Suitable for those with current, recent or longstanding back pain. We run a Back Pain Exercise class each Monday at 5.30pm. The class has a maximum of 7 participants per class, and is taught by experienced Chartered Physiotherapist Leroy McKechnie. We encourage you to speak to your instructor about any issues or concerns about your back etc before any class commences. Exercises can be adapted during the class to accommodate varying ability/pain levels.

Movement is an important aspect in the rehabilitation of back pain, and physiotherapists are experts in designing, implementing and monitoring healthy movement exercise programmes. It is never too late to start helping your back, and helping your recovery to a fuller life. 

  • Pilates for All

This is a popular class on our timetable, and is suitable for those who are new to pilates, those who have just some basic pilates experience, all the way to those who are more familiar with the pilates style of exercise and enjoy a comprehensive workout each week, with an ongoing emphasis on a full body approach and attention to detail.

We run THREE Pilates for All classes per week - Monday at 6.30pm (Jen), Tuesday at 7.45pm (Eva) and Thursday at 7.30pm (Suzanne), which are separate courses.

All of our classes are taught be experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who are also certified Pilates instructors.

We supply all mats and equipment used in our classes for your convenience. 

  • Improvers Pilates

These classes are for participants who have some prior pilates experience, and who would like to feel a challenge in their workout, with a range of small equipment used for extra resistance and toning.

We run two Improvers classes per week - Monday at 7.30pm and Thursday at 10am, which are separate courses.

Classes are taught by an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist.

We supply all mats and equipment used in our classes for your convenience. 

  • Intermediate Pilates

These are amongst the most popular classes in the clinic, and offer a challenging workout where knowledge and skill to perform some of the more difficult levels of pilates exercises are desirable eg Teaser, roll overs, open leg rocker, Jack Knife etc.

We run two Intermediate classes per week - Tuesday at 6pm and Thursday at 6.30pm, which are separate courses.

Classes are taught by experienced Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor Suzanne Seymour.

We supply all mats and equipment used in our classes for your convenience. 

If you have any questions, please drop us a line at : (01) 6077104, or contact info@physiofusion.ie and we will do our best to assist you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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