How we treat: Buttock Pain

Buttock pain is one of the most common conditions we treat at Physiofusion.

There are several causes of buttock pain, from muscle tightness to nerve entrapment.

Here we describe what you might expect if you attend a consultation with us for the treatment of buttock pain.  Ultimately, it is reassuring to know that musculoskeletal physiotherapists are experts at diagnosing the source of buttock pain.

What to expect when you visit a physio with buttock pain.

When you attend you physiotherapist, the assessment will begin with the physio asking you to describe your pain. This will include the onset of the symptoms, (‘how long it has been there and how it started’), the location of the pain (eg the middle of one buttock, or slightly higher or lower), the severity of the pain (how painful it feels to you) as well as other factors such as whether it is interfering with your sleep.


We will also want to know whether you have any pain anywhere else, eg in your lower back, or whether you have experienced any tingling or numbness down your leg. You can also expect to be asked as to your past medical history, including any current medications you may be taking.


Once this history taking is complete, we will usually have a good idea of the source of your buttock pain.

Next it is time for the clinical examination, where you will usually be asked to change into a pair of shorts (or underwear if you prefer), so that we can assess movemetns of your lower back and hips. We will also perhaps look at the way you sit and walk, and look at your feet and knees also. We use our hands (and sometimes our elbows!) to palpate or feel the muscles and tissues around your hips and lower back.

Treatment for buttock pain may include ‘hands on’ treatment for your upper and lower back, hip joint, and the muscles of the buttock themselves. 

We will use pressure that is appropriate for the severity and irritability of your pain. If we feel that an adjunct modality such as dry needling would help you, we will explain that to you and discuss your consent before proceeding.

Home Exercises

The home exercise programme and tips/advice for looking after yourself before your next visit are crucial to the outcome of your treatment, and we will demonstrate all exercises and email you a copy of these, or you can video them on your phone before you leave so that you are confident to complete them. We will advise you on postural positions at work and in the car that may help, and give you advice on eg how long you should walk for before resting etc to avoid making the pain worse.

Hip Strengthening Classes

We also run Hip Strenghening Classes each Tuesday morning at 10.15am for those with buttock pain, hip pain, hip arthritis, total hip replacement, hip bursitis, hip tendinitis, lower back pain, knee pain and beyond.

These classes are taught by an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist, and they run on a drop in basis with no advance booking required.  Please feel welcome to chat to Leroy if you are interested to join one of these classes. 



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