First time to Physiotherapy?

Preparing for your visit...

1. A little reminder, as life is busy..

We will send a text reminder the day before your appointment to remind you of your session day and time.

2. Preparing for your consultation.

Please bring a face covering/face mask, and arrive on time (but not early!) for your session.

Please bring any scans or doctors letters that are relevant to your condition.

3. Reflect on what you would like to tell us - how does your pain/injury affect you? What are your goals?

Arrive a few minutes early to clear your head and think of what you would like to tell us. We will ask you questions to help us get a clear pattern and description of your pain: how long you have had it, what makes it worse, which positions ease it etc. We will also ask about your general health and past medical history.

If you are a sportsperson we will also go into detail regarding your training schedule etc.

4. What to expect

Please arrive on time - but not early for your session.

You will be asked to wash your hands on arrival, and then to don your face covering/mask, or we will supply you with one if you have forgotten it.

We will take a thorough history of your current pain/injury. 

As physiotherapists, we often conduct analysis of posture and movements of the spine, shoulders, hips etc. This typically requires us to see the body parts in question, and in this case we may ask you to undress to shorts/t-shirt, (or underwear if this is the most appropriate option), but we will always ensure that each client is comfortable with this aspect of their treatment session, and we will always explain the reasons for clothing changes, which are of course optional. 

5. What to bring

If you have a referral letter from a doctor (note this is not required in order to come for  physiotherapy treatment, but if you have one please bring it with you), X-ray reports or other imaging (eg MRI) reports can also be helpful but most people who attend physiotherapy will attend us as 'first contact practitioners' and will usually not have or require radiological imaging tests. We will liase with your GP or Consultant if further investigations are indicated.

6. At present we are not accepting card payments at reception in order to speed up the movement of clients in and out of the building for health and safety and so we will send an online invoice which can be paid by clicking on it to pay by card. Alternatively we can accept cash or cheque in the clinic.


Physiotherapy appointments are available between 8am and 8pm Monday -Thursday.

Fridays between 8am and 4pm


Reception hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.


Closed weekends & bank holidays

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