Orthotics are temporary insoles, either ready-made or custom made, that fit inside your shoe and are moulded to your own foot shape.  We employ a wide range of devices to ensure we best fit your need whether it be for daily walking, sports specific or indeed to fit within your current fashion or work shoes.


Each person’s feet are unique and will cope with daily demands differently.  If there are problems in your feet they can alter how you walk, how you absorb shock when your foot strikes the ground and how you run, and this may have an impact higher up in the body and manifest itself in injuries or cause  pain in areas such as your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back.  Some of the well known conditions are shin splints, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon tenderness, painful knees and more.

Orthotics work by holding your foot in the optimum position to allow for normal foot function when you walk, run or stand.  With this help your muscle strain  is reduced and ultimately the injury is allowed to start to heal as the foot is held in the optimum position.


At Physiofusion, prescription of orthotics will be preceded by a detailed assessment of your mechanics (the way you walk/run etc), the current footwear you use and finally the body shape and structure and general flexibility.  Not everyone needs orthotics and this is why a thorough assessment is done by your Chartered Physiotherapist.

The overall cost of a pair of custom-made pair of orthotics + the orthotics fitting is €300.


Physiotherapy appointments are available between 8am and 8pm Monday -Thursday.

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