Pregnancy Pilates

Upcoming Term Dates: Wed 28th October 7.15pm, 4 week course.

Trial class options also available to book online.

The next term of Pregnancy Pilates commences on Wednesday 28th Oct 2020 at 7.15pm, and is a 4 week course which can be joined at any term (from week 12 of pregnancy) where a space is available. 

Lorraine O'Reilly (Chartered Physiotherapist) lead this fun and challenging class through a variety of pregnancy-safe exercises to keep you strong and fit before your baby arrives.

Pregnancy Pilates with a Physiotherapist as class instructor is particularly valuable because we can adapt each exercise according to:

  • Your stage of pregnancy

  • Your fitness level

  • Your own 'weak points' or concerns

  • Any aches or pains you may be experiencing

  • What you want to achieve from an exercise class

  • Your medical & pregnancy history.

Our pregnancy Pilates classes are designed to be challenging but achievable and always safe- you will feel that you are working during the class! We use arm and ankle weights where appropriate, large gym balls, fitness circles and resistance bands. You will be squatting with good techniques as well as learning how to find and activate your pelvic floor.

Each week we discuss and explain a different aspect of body changes in pregnancy- pelvic floor, gluteal strength, tips to avoid pelvic girdle pain, relieving buttock etc so you get some physio advice as well as your Pilates workout. You will be provided with some written exercises to practice at home if you wish to do so.

If you have any questions about starting Pregnancy Pilates with us, one of our Physiotherapists will be happy to speak with you.

You can email us at: or calling us on (01) 607 7104.

Special notes:

*No prior Pilates experience is required for starting Pilates in pregnancy.

*Pregnancy Pilates should only be commenced after Week 12 of your pregnancy.

*Group Pregnancy Pilates Classes are not advisable for multiple pregnancies eg twins. A letter from your Consultant will be requested if you have been advised to exercise with Pilates while carrying twins.

To find out about our One To One Pregnancy Pilates sessions please click here


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