Osteoporosis Workshop

March 24, 2016

We are hosting an Osteoporosis Workshop which will focus on how to prevent and treat osteoporosis with nutrition & exercise. This will be on Saturday 9th April from 10.30am - 5.30pm.




Course Overview

In this conprehensive one day workshop, you will learn how to prevent and treat osteoporosis with information about nutrition and practical exercise demonstrations.


Heather Leeson, Glenville Nutrition's senior nutritionist will be sharing her tips on prevention and treatment including:

  • An explanation of osteoporosis - a symptomless, silent problem

  • How to test for osteoporosis including bone turnover

  • The pros and cons of conventional drug treatments

  • How to eat for healthy bones and what to avoid

  • Nutritional tests that are important for bone health

  • What food supplements to take and how to know which ones are a waste of money


Audrey Redmond, head physiotherapist at Physiofusion will be demonstrating how exercise can help treat and prevent osteoporosis. Her combined theory and practical sessions will include:

  • Exercise for strong bones - the do's and dont's

  • Principles of an osteoporosis exercise plan - what to include

  • Postural advice and everday activities - what is correct and safe

  • Preventing falls - the roll balance and agility play to reduce the risk

  • Core strengthening and eight bearing exercise to protect your spine



The cost of this workshop is €120 per participant (lunch not provided) and booking is essential.

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