Lee & Garett's Top Mini Marathon Tips

June 2, 2017

1.  Arrive early so you can start warming up and get near the front of your wave.  This will allow you to achieve your rhythm sooner without having to weave through the crowd

2.  Make sure you keep yourself warm while you are waiting to start.  It would be worth bringing a bin bag or an old rain coat to keep you dry while you are waiting in case it rains

3.  Keep calm at the start and don't take off too quickly.  Wait until you have found your rhythm before you start increasing your pace

4.  Once you have crossed the finish line keep moving to allow the body to cool down.  There will be chartered physiotherapists offering massages and foam roller/stretching areas near the finish line which will aid in your recovery

5.  If your legs don't feel back to normal by Tuesday morning, you may need some help from us to get you back on the road again

6.  Have fun!!







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