Vestibular Rehabilitation - Managing Dizziness


Vertigo or dizziness can occur when there is a problem with an individuals balance system as a result of injury or disease. 


While the symptoms of vertigo can cause considerable anxiety for individuals, it is reassuring to know that treatment can be very successful following a thorough assessment and examination.  The treatment for BPPV can often lead to dramatically impressive results by the end of the first session.


Specific post-graduate training is required for a physiotherapist to treat conditions such as those listed below (as it is a specialised area), and we are delighted that Eva Flunkert can offer this service to our clients at Physiofusion.


Who will benefit from Vestibular Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation?

Patients who benefit from vestibular rehabilitation are those with

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

  • Meniere’s Disease

  • Cervicogenic vertigo

  • Labryinthitis

  • Vestibular neuritis

  • Poor balance due to aging


Vestibular Rehabilitation at Physiofusion

Eva Flunkert runs our vestibular rehabilitation programme.  'Vestibular rehabilitation' is a form of physiotherapy that reduces vertigo and dizziness-related problems and improves balance.  


Booking your Vestibular Rehabilitation appointment

To book your appointment the clinic can be contacted by phone on (01) 6077104 or through the web booking form on our contact page here.  It is important to tell us at the time of booking your appointment that you are seeking treatment for a vestibular problem, as Eva is unique in the clinic for treating this condition.  Read more about our Eva's qualifications and experience here.


What to expect

At your initial assessment, Eva will take a detailed history of your condition.  A series of movement and observation tests will then be carried out to diagnose the source and cause of your symptoms. Each test or movement will be explained to you at each stage.  

You can expect that treatment will commence at your first visit. The mode of treatment will depend on the diagnosis- eg Eva may perform an Epley manoeuvre if indicated for BPPV, or commence with exercise based therapy if this is more appropriate for your particular diagnosis.  Your initial session is one hour in duration to allow for a thorough and accurate diagnosis to guide the treatment element of the session. 


The tests carried out in the initial assessment may reproduce your symptoms.  Because of this, we advise that you may wish to bring a companion who could accompany you or drive you home after the session.

Eva will advise you on specific aftercare protocol (eg rest, positional exercises or movement exercises) for your particular condition.

Do I need a referral?

A doctor or specialist's referral is not necessary for a vestibular assessment at our clinic, however if you have been referred by your G.P. or Consultant, please bring any letters or test results you may have in your possession. We will endeavour to liase with your GP/Hospital Consultant to facilitate good communication and outcome.

How long is a session?

The initial assessment is approximately one hour in duration, and the fee for this specialised service is €120.

Follow-up appointments are thirty minutes in duration and the fee is as per a regular physiotherapy session at the clinic.

To book an appointment

If you would like to book an appointment with Eva, please call (01) 6077104 or email We would request that you specify that the appointment is for vertigo treatment so that we can book sufficient time for your initial assessment.


Physiotherapy appointments are available between 8am and 8pm Monday -Thursday.

Fridays between 8am and 4pm


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